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Shuka Box

We are so excited to announce the Shuka Box!

This Feast is $175 and feeds 4-6 people!

We have missed you here at Shuka, and can’t wait to welcome you to our new venture, Shukette. In these spaces, we are creating more than just food; we are celebrating a vibe; The Shuka Vibe. And we are excited to help you bring our vibe to your home

Set the Vibe:  Gather your favorite things: colorful tablecloths, comfy pillows, your favorite serving pieces. Pour yourself a cold drink and turn on some music. May we suggest our Spotify playlist, “Ayesha’s Falafel”? We’ve curated it just for you and think you’ll enjoy some of our favorite tunes. Tell your family and friends that you will be eating soon. 

Fire up the grill or your stovetop. We know it’s hot, but we’ve kept the cooking time to a minimum. Gather a few items from your pantry, and look over our simple instructions. Have some items in your refrigerator or garden that you’d like to use? Go ahead, we love a freestyle. Share your spread with us on Instagram with the tag #showushowyoushuka. We’d love to see how you feast.

How do I get it:
Preorder of the box is linked below:
Shuka Pick up on Wed & Thurs between 3-5pm
Amber Waves Farm, Amagansett on Friday between 1-4pm

Shuka Box2.jpg
Shuka Box1.jpg

What the box includes

Rippen' n Dippin

  • Fresh Pita Bread (8Pcs)

  • Hummus (16 Ounces)

  • Labne (16 Ounces

  • Za'atar (1 Packet)

  • Rosy Harissa (1 Packet)


  • Heirloom Tomatoes (3)

  • Lemon Cucumber

  • Red Onion (1)

  • Serrano Chilli (1)

  • Lemon (1)

  • Serrano Chille (1)


  • Amish Marinated Chicken Thighs (2lbs)

  • Wild North Carolina Marinated Shrimp (2lbs)

  • Harrisa (1/2 Pint)

  • Zhoug (1/2 Pint)

  • Metal Skewers (6)

Your Pantry

  • Olive Oil Kosher Salt Assorted Fresh Herbs (Mint, Parsley and Basil Recommended; Substitute Cilantro or Oregano if Desired)

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